Wednesday, December 9, 2009

STATER BROS.Weekly Specials Dec 9 to 16

FFarms whole chickens .77 lb
FFarms fresh chicken leg quarters .99 lb
Beef Stew meat 2.49 family pack Great for the crock pot!
Top Sirlion Steak or Boneless pork loin chops 1.99 lb
85% lean gr. beef sold in 2 lb. pkg. 3.98 or 1.99 lb

SB Eggs 18 ct. 1.49 limit 2 Deviled eggs!
Tillamook Cheese 16 oz. 3.49 lb

OMeyer turkey or beef franks 16 oz. .99

Broccoli .59 lb.
Clementines 5 lb. box 3.99
Jazz apples .79 lb
Dole Salads 1.50 each except complete salads

10 for 10's cantaloupe, Campbell's cream or classic soups, bosc pears

Parchment paper 2.99 for 30 sq. ft.
nestles baking chips 11 to 12 oz. 2.49
Las Palmas Enchilada sauce 28 oz. or Juanitas White Hominy 105 oz. 1.99 POSOLE!!
Pillsbury cake mixes.99 EA.
25% off Domestix Culinary Creations bakeware

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Change is a comin'

I don't know if you are aware, but I have been the provident living leader in the Lake poway Ward for over 7 years! And the Stake President noticed. My husband and I have been called to be missionaries to the Julian Branch. So this will be my last posting of the weekly specials. I am working to get someone to take over for me. So I will keep you posted.

Weekly Specials for Dec 9 to 16, 2009


Boneless skinless chicken breasts 1.77 lb when you buy 3 lbs or more in the service deli.
Boneless beef chuck roast 1.99 lb
salmon or trout 6 oz. 3.99

avocados .50 ea.
blackberries 5.6 oz. 1.50
Fresh Express salad blends buy one get one free
pointsettias 6 in pot 6.99

challenge real butter 2.49 lb
Progresso soups 18 to 19 oz. 1.00
Best Foods mayo 30 oz. 2.49
Swanson Broth 14 oz. .59 a can
Alb canned veggies .75 each can
Ghiradelli or Nestles baking chips 11.5 oz. bag 2.50
carnation canned milk 1.00 12 oz can
M&M's 9 to 12.6 oz bag 2.00 ea.
Bob's candy canes 6 oz. 1.00

Chanukah candles..59 for 44 candles. If you have no light in storage this is a cheap way to start. Each candle is about the width of 4 birthday candles together. They are small, but they provide light! Each candle lasts about 45 minutes.

10 for 10s BC cake mix, GGiant 10 oz box veggies in sauce, BC Specialty potatoes, SoBe 20 oz bottles. If you buy $15 of them.

Cream cheese Alb brand 1.00
50% off holiday trims
25% off kitchenmate bakeware


Weekend Sale Only!
blackberries 5.6 oz. .77
Arrowhead 24 pack water bottles 2.99 limit 4
wild colossal sea scallops 7.99 lb
boneless skinless chicken breasts in family pack 1.77 lb
clementines 5 lb box 3.97
mini watermelon 1.97

fuji apples .88 lb
roma tomatoes .97 lb
russet potatoes 5 lbs .97

Pirates Booty snack size bags 3.5 to 4.5 oz 2.00 each

Secret Splurge of the week double dipped chocolate peanuts 3.99 lb.


Anyone love Paula Deen? From now to Dec 15 buy an Smithfield meat product and be automatically entered to win tickets to see the Paula Deen Show in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Must use Von's card for entry. Sausage or bacon.

When you spend $250.00 between 12-2 and 12-13 Vons will give you a$10.00 reward at checkout!

Boneless cross rib roast 1.97 lb
FFarms fresh chicken half breasts .97 lb
80% lean gr, beef 2.29 lb

raspberries 5.6 oz pkg 1.88

Lucerne shredded or chunk cheese 6 to 8 oz size 1.49 ea. limit 3
Lucerne cream cheese .99 8 oz.

pears or baby peeled carrots 1.00 lb

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

5 Things to do locally for Christmas

1. Balboa Park Dec 4 5 to 10 pm and Dec 5 noon to 10 pm. Christmas on the Prado.Lights, crafts, singing, it's all there for free. And so is most of San Diego. But it is guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit!
2. Ocean Beach Annual Holiday Parade December 5 starts about 5 pm on Newport Avenue. Froms Harleys to garage bands come join in the funky fun!
3. Coronado Head for the hotel Del. They have their own ice skating rink, and over 100,000 lights decorating the hotel. Inside the hotel is a fabulous decorated tree. Great place for family pictures!
4. San Diego Bay Parade of lights Dec 13 and Dec 20 Fireworks show at 5:30 and parade starts soon after. Bring hot cocoa and blankets and enjoy the free sight. Begins near Shelter Island.
5. And don't forget the beach! Just once during the holiday take a walk along the beach. Then when you brag about living in San Diego it will be authentic. Another great family photo spot.



If you are prescribed an antibiotic bring in the perscription and Stater Bros will give you up to a 14 day supply for free of selected antibiotics.

This weekend only!!
Sb cheese block or shredded 10 varieties 32 oz for 4.99
SB Bacon 16 oz. 1.99

chicken thighs or drums .89 lb
FFarms cut up or whole chickens .99 lb
73% lean gr. beef 1.25 sold in 3 lb. chub

ambrosia apples .89 lb
roma tomatoes .79
bartlett pears .39 lb
blackberries 5.6 pgk 1.00
Pointsettias 4 inch 4.99 6 inch 6.99

SB yogurt .39 cup
SB Ricotta cheese 32 oz. 3.49 Lasagna on the menu this week!
Bar S bologna, jumbo franks or FFarms chicken franks 16 oz. .99 ea.
Tinas burritos or chimichangas .30 each

SB 24 bottles 16.9 oz 2.99
pepsi products 2 ltr. .69 with in ad coupon
Dole fruit bowls 18 kinds in 4 servings 1.99
Wesson oil 48 oz. 2.49 deal!
Kern's nectar in 11.5 oz. cans 3 for .99

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weekly Grocery Specials for Dec 2 to Dec 9.


Interested in goiong to the Holiday of Lights at the Del Mar Fairgrounds? It is going on now till Jan 4th. All Albertsons are selling discount tickets!

Albertsons is also still doing the Monday Meal Deal. Feed 4 for 7.99. Includes 1 baked chicken or 8 pc. fried chicken, 1 lb potato, macaroni or coleslaw salad, 1 lb potato wedges and 4 Kings Hawaiian dinner rolls plus one 2 ltr. coke product. one Kraft singles and 2 campbells tomato soups and get one free all night rental from Redbox!

FFarms fresh whole chickens .99 lb
Country Style Pork Ribs 1.59 lb.
JDean bacon 12 oz or sausage roll 12 to 16 oz. 2.50 each

avocados 1.25 ea.
Key limes 1 lb pkg. 1.50 ea.
Del Monte Fruit Naturals 1.00 each
Fresh Express complete salads 3.00 each
Pointsettias 6.99 for 6 inch pot

Bumblebee solid white tuna 5 oz. .99
Alb. white or wheat bread 16 oz. .99

Youplait yogurt 4 to 6 oz. .50 each
Alb whipped topping 8 oz. .99
Egg Nog 32 oz. 2.00 each
Alb Evap milk .99 12 oz can great for food storage!!
Alb 5 lbs sugar 2.59


avocados or mangoes 3 for 1.00!
gala apples .88 lb
navel oranges .50 lb
eggplant or bell peppers .88 each

boneless skinless chicken tenders 1.99 lb in the family pack
extra large eggs 1.79 doz.
mild cheddar or jack cheese chunk 2.99 lb


Get a $10.00 reward when your purchases reach $250.00, between 21-2 and 12-13

boneless skinless chicken breasts, 80% lean gr. beef or whole pork loin 1.77 lb

blackberries 6
fresh Express clamshell 10 oz 3.99 ea.
pointsettia 6.99 6 in. pot

real butter 1 lb 1.99
youplait 4 to 6 oz. .50
Buy any 5 participating Kraft cheese products in a single transaction and get 45.00 off at checkout!

GM flour 5 lbs 2.00
BC Traditional Brownie Mix .89
Skippy PB 15 to 16 oz. 2.00
Nestles Toll House morsels 10 to 12 oz. 2.00

Safeway chunk light tuna 5 oz. .79 each

chunky soup selected varieties 1.25 a can

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekly Specials for Stater Bros November 18-25


Stater Bros. is still running the save $5 on next shopping trip if you buy 10 Kraft products this shopping order. Look for coupon in circular.

Butterball turkeys .57 lb with $25 min. purchase frozen
Jenny-O or Valchris turkeys .33 lb frozen
Spiral Sliced Ham 1.77 lb

Asparagus .99 lb
red yams .59 lb
navel oranges .50 lb
celery .89
avocados 1.00 ea.
Fresh gr. beans 1.99 lb
OSpray cranberries 12 oz. bag 1.99
Ready Pac Salad 2.50 each bag
peeled carrots 1 lb bag 1.25

SB, GGiant or Del Monte canned vegetables .49 a can
Mrs. Cubbisons Dressing 1.49 a box
Stove Top Stuffing 6 oz. box .49
BCrocker cake mixes .99
SB canned fruit .99
Princella yams 40 oz. 2.49

Imperial Spread .49 lb
C&W frozen veggies 12 to 16 oz. 1.49
Reddi Whip 1.99 a can
Challenge real butter 2.49 lb.
Cool Whip 8 oz. .49
Philly cheese 8 oz. .99
Velveeta 16 oz. 3.49

Pointsettias 4.5 in pot small size 4.99 each
Centerpieces for Thanksgiving tablr 16.99 and up

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekly Sprcials for November 18 to 25

I notice pointsettias are out in force already. I've seen them at Costco, the giant stand on the ground ones, Home Depot 6 in and 4 in pot size. These are probably the best place to buy them price wise. I also see egg nog in the grocery stores. YEA!! I buy the lite kind and it is still rich and thick.


33% off all spices! This is probably a good time to smell all your spices. If they do not have a strong smell they are probably old and need to be tossed. After spices are a year old they lose lots of their potency and won't give you the result you want.

Buy any four in one transaction and get $4.00 off your next shopping trip. Dreyer's ice cream, Dibs, Drumsticks, Dreyers Fruit Bars, Eskimo Pie Bars. MOst of these are on sale this week as well.

Get $10 off Village Market Whole turkey with in circular coupon. This makes turkeys .28 lb!
Fresh not frozen FFarms turkeys .99 lb
whole turkey breast 1.99 lb

Boneless pork loin roast 2.49 lb.
Spiral Sliced hams bone in 2.49 lb.

10 fr 10's Stove top stuffing, 12 ct. candy canes,2 ltr. 7-up,

Challenge butter 2.49 lb.
Reddi Whip canned topping 2.49 a can
Heavy whipping cream 1.59 for 8 oz.
Cool Whip .99

Swanson Broth 14 oz. can .50 ea Great deal!!
OSpreay Cranberry sauce 14 oz. .99
Mrs. Cubbisons Dressing 10 to 12 oz. 1.69 a box
DelMonte veggies .75 a can
Princella Yams 29 oz. can 1.49
Carnation 12 canned milk 1.25

pointsettias 6 in. pot assorted colors 7.99
wild harvest fresh herbs 1.99 a bunch


Fresh Free range turkey 1.29 lb. order now!
natural boneless skinless chicken breast 1.99 lb
leg of lamb 5.99 lb
standing rib roast 5.99 lb

Secret Splurge of the week dark chocolate covered almonds 4.99 lb in bulk
They also have sugar .69 lb and flour .59 lb. in bulk

vine tomatoes .77 lb
russett potatoes, 1lb bag baby carrots, celery, .77 ea.
navel oranges, granny smith, rome beauty apples, .47 lb
garnet yams .88 lb
cukes 2 for 1.00
Hass avocados 2 for 1.00
brussel sprouts .97 lb
12 oz. bag fresh cranberries 2.50
Ready Pac Salad Blends 2.50 a bag


Get a $5 reward coupon evertime you spend $25 or more on participating products in one transaction.
Pepsi 6 pack, Bisqiuk, Comstock pie filling, Early California olices, Pepperidge Farms stuffing, MC Cormack gravy mixes, BCrocker boxed potatoes, Lipton Onion Soup Mix, Jello, Dh Brownies, Safeway Spices, BC Frostings.

Safeway Spices are all 30% off

Special deal 11-18 to 21 only! 3 -2 ltr bottles of 7-up or A&W 1.00 Must buy 3.

Safeway Turkeys up to 16 lbs 5.00 limit 1.
Butterball turkeys 16 lbs and up 10.00 ea. limit 1.

garnet yams .39 lb
Fresh Express salad blends 1.99 ea.
clementines 5 lb box 4.77
10 lb bag russet potatoes 1.99

extra large eggs 1.49 doz. These 3 should be in the Henrys section!! Ooops!!
Cascade fresh Sour cream 16 oz. .99 limit 4
Sun Harvest real butter 1.88 lb.

Barilla pasta 1.00 a box
Nestles toll house morsels 2.00 10 to 12 oz bag
Lucerne butter 1.99 lb
Safeway evap milk .99 a 12 oz. can
5 lb Safeway Sugar 2.00