Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stater Bros Weekly Specials for July 29 to August 5


FFarms chicken thighs or drumsticks .87 lb This is dark meat in case you didn't know. Breasts are the white meat.
Pork Country style ribs .97 lb
73% lean gr. beef in 3 lb chub 7.98 Buy one get one FREE
boneless skinless chicken breasts 2.49 lb
Kruse half Ham .99 lbskinless salmon fillets3.99 for 6 oz.
Red Snapper 5.99 lb

SB cheese 16 oz block 3.99 8 varieties
Hillshire Farms sausage 2.50 ea. 14 to 16 oz.
OMeyer Deli meat 7 to 9 oz. 2.50 ea.
Danola Ham 8 oz. 3.69,Buy one get one FREE

Blueberries 18 oz. 1.99 Great deal! Stock up and freeze what you can't eat fresh!
yellow peaches and white nectarines .79 lb
seedless watermelon .15 lb
cherries .99 lb
plums or pluots .99 lb

SB water 24 bottles 2.99
2.5 ltr Shasta soda .69 each
Popscicle variety pack, Big Stick or Firecrackers 1.25 a pkg
Nabisco Grahams or Oreos 2.99 pkg.
Mothers Cookies 2.50 pkg.
Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna in water or oil 5 oz. .89

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