Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekly Specials for July 22 to 29

Just a reminder for you to bring breakfast pastry to Lake Poway on Saturday to share with everyone for 24th of July Celebration 7:30 am. Cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, muffins, bagels etc.


Alb whole chickens .59 lb great deal stock up!
red seedless grapes .69 lb
GM breakfast special- When you buy 4 participating products in one transaction pay only 1.50 each! Includes :Kix8.7 oz, Cheerios 8.9 oz, Trix 10.7 oz, Fiber One toaster Pastry 11 oz and many more! 2.50 ea without qualifying purchase.Tilapia fillets 1.99 lb.
Dover Sole wild caught 5.99 lb
Alb chunk cheese 4.99 lb price cut!
blueberries 11 oz. 2.99
Apricots 1.99 lb
broccoli crowns 1.50 lb
Gerber 2nd stage foods 10 for (.00
Baby Basics dry formula 12.49 for 24 to 25 oz.
pampers Big Pack 18.99
Look for instant savings when you buy 10 of Glad, vlasic, ronzoni, powerade, ZAtarains, C&H sugar. Mix and match


Blueberries 11 oz. .88
I will be happy to show anyone how to make your own blueberry syrup. Just let me know and I will set up a time.
roma tomatoes, pears, .88 lb
white peaches .50 lb great for eating fresh!!
cauliflower, eggplant or spinach .88 ea.
cherries 1.25 lb.
beef carne asada 2.99 lb
SPECIAL COUPON IN FLYER THIS WEEK $10.00 off entire order if you purchase $50.00 of vitamins and supplements.

Bulk sale
jasmine rice .99 lb
blsck beans .99
quinoa 2.99 lb
SECRET SPLURGE OF THE WEEK dark chocolate cherries 4.99 lb
or Honey roasted macadamia nuts 5.99 lb


FFarms chicken breast halves .97 lb
fresh pork spare ribs 1.47 lb
local grown russet potatoes 1.99 for 10 lb bag
jumbo cantaloupe .99 ea.
Chicken of the Sea tuna 5 oz. solid white in water .99 ea.
10 for 10's Fresh Express Garden Salad or Shreds, 32 oz. Gatorade

In this weeks flyer are several great coupons! A few are:
Lucerne 18 ct large eggs 1.49
Kraft 8 oz cheese 1.49
Creamery Fresh or Safeway Select Ice Cream 1.99 1.75 qt size
64 oz. Motts Apple Juice .99
Rinaldi Pasta Sauce .99 24 oz. size
Ritz crackers 1.88 6 to 16 oz. size
lots more check them out!

73% lean gr beef 1.99 lb.
Safeway Hamburger buns .89 a pkg.

Just a little note on my shopping trip last week. I usually shop at Ralphs because they give me $1.00 for every $50.00 I spent. They also keep track of what I buy and every other month they send me coupons on things I regularly buy. They track this on my Ralphs card. I also go to Ralphs.com and add coupons directly to my Ralphs card and get that discount when ever I buy that item. I also get an Entertainment Book and they have a $5.00 off coupon for every month I use and in the free coupon magazine everyone gets is another $5.00 off coupon for Ralphs I use and my daughter gives me hers because she doesn't shop at Ralphs. SO almost every time I go to Ralphs I have $5.00 free groceries!

But last week I went to the 4S Ralphs store and had a field day with discounts. If you look carefully the store always marks down foods close to expiration date. I bought Egglands Best Eggs with a coupon for .50 off and the store had discounted them to 1.99 from 4.39 and the expiration date was in October! Ralphs always has meat discounted. You just have to look in the meat case for it. I had a coupon for 2.00 off any angus beef purchase so I bought a rib eye steak for 4.12, discounted from 7.00. So I paid 2.00 for a steak big enough for Bill and I both to have for dinner. I aslo looked in the fresh berry case and found red raspberries for .50 a pkg. Yes they were a little old, but I was going to make jam out of them. So they were perfect for jam making!

So in this tight economy look around your store for the deals. Grocers want to sell everything because they are hurting too. They would rather get less for older but still safe to eat food than just throw it away.

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