Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekly Specials for August 26 to September 2


Feed 4 for under 5!!
Rinaldi Pasta Sauce, Barila Pasta, Fresh Express salad, Wishbone dressing and split breast chicken. Splurge and get a loaf of french bread. Dinner!!

Alb. Split chicken breasts .99 lb
Max Pack 7 bone, blade cut or boneless cross rib roast 1.79 lb
FFarms whole chickens .99 lb
Thick sliced bulk bacon at Service Meat counter 2.99 lb
Tilapia fillets 1.99 lb
Catfish fillets 2.99 lb.

whole watermelons .19 lb
Fresh Express Gr. and Crisp, Romaine or Spinach 9 to 12 oz. .99 ea.
raspberries 2.50 pkg.
kiwi 3 for .99

Wish Bone Salad Dressings 7 oz. Spritzer or 16 oz. bottle .99 ea. limit 2
Barilla Pasta 12 to 16 oz. .99
Rinaldi Pasta Sauce 24 oz. .99
Tillamook butter 1 lb 2.50
Mission tortillas 10 ct. soft taco flour 1.49

10 for 10's Hunt's ketchup 24 oz., Hunt's BBQ sauce 21.6 ,Hunt's tomatoes 14.5., Ro-Tel tomatoes 10 oz., Chef Boy Ar Dee canned Pastas, Hunt's Manwich 15.5., Hunt's Pudding packs.


AVOCADOS!! .49 EACH Time for Guacamole!!
Roma tomatoes .49 lb
gr. bell peppers and celery 3 for 1.00
mangoes 1.25 ea.
cantaloupe .77 ea.strawberries 1 lb. .97

family pack natural boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1.88 lb
boneless skinless thighs 1.99 lb.

Arrowhead 24 pack bottled water 2.99 ea. limit 4
Brown Cow 6 oz yogurt .69 each fabulous tasting!!
Annies Mac and Cheese 1.25 ea box

Secret splurge of the week!! blueberry yogurt raisins 3.99 lb or sweetened banana chips 1.29 lb
Both great for dessert in lunch boxes!


Feed 4 for under 5!!
Pork Style ribs, Pasta or Rice A Roni, Fresh Express Salad and one Artisan Bread.
Get 2 lbs of pork ribs, cut them up and put in crock pot with BBQ sauce. Cook all day. Make Roni and serve with salad. Splurge on bread.

Pork Shoulder country style Ribs .97 lb
boneless skinless chicken breasts 1.97 lb
King Salmon fillets 5.99 lb

Classico Pasta Sauce Buy One Get One Free 3.33 for one

gr grapes .77 lb
nectarines or Gala apples .88 lb
Fresh Express Garden Salads, Coleslaw or shredds .99 a bag

.99 deals!! Wish Bone salad dressing 16 oz., Vitamin or smartwater, Sobe 20 oz., Safeway Artisan Filone Breads, Rice or Pasta Roni.

Coupons in weekly flyer for Cheezits, mission tortillas, Anthony's Paasta, apple juice, Signature cafe sandwiches, Hamburger or hot dog buns, and Signature Cafe Garden Salads. Also a $30.00 gift card for transferred perscription.

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