Thursday, September 24, 2009

Staters Bros. Weekly Specials for Sept 23-30


whole chickens FFarms .59 lb Got room in your freezer? Buy a few extra!
Pork Butt Roast 1.19 lb
Harris Ranch Gr. beef 3 lb chub 81% lean 5.97 or 1.99 lb
boneless skinless SB chicken individually frozen breasts w/ rib meat 5.98 for 2.5 to 3 lb bag
FJohn bacon or 1 lb ham slices 2.99lb

watermelon .15 lb
Bartlett pears .39 lb
yellow peaches .79 lb.

Rice or Pasta Roni .69 limit 8
7-Up 2 ltr. .79
Maruchan Instant Lunch 2.25 oz. cup .19
Hostess Snacks 10 to 16 oz. 1.77
SB deli style meat 7 to 9 oz. 2.50 each
GM or Post cereals 8 select varieties 8.9 to 14.5 oz 1.88

Valutime ice cream 56 oz. box 2.50

Dinner for 4 for under $10! Available only Fri, Sat., and Sunday
1.Dining in Whole cooked chicken 2 for 10.00
in ad coupon gives you 2 free 2 ltr. bottles of Coke product when buy 2 Dining in Chickens
2. Fresh Express Salad Green and Crisp or Romaine 1.50 ea.
3. Eat Smart Vegetables 12 oz. pkg 1.50
4. Russet potatoes .99 lb get 3 lbs.
Using one chicken now and save one for fajitas or soft tacos later in the week, this adds up to 9.50 for dinner for 4! To go a little over you could add the ice cream to splurge!

Check in the 'Dining -In' area in the Deli for more dinners 'for under' suggestions.
Also good only above 3 days Pork Spare ribs .99 lb uncooked Cook 3 lbs of these on the BBQ and you have another under $10 meal!

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