Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weekly Specials for October 21 to 28


Boneless skinless chicken breast 1.77 lb
85% Extra lean gr. beef 1.97 lb

asparagus 1.49 lb

10 for 10'sCampbell's Soups condensed, Del Monte Fruit Naturals 7 to 8 oz.Alb. pastas, vitamin water, SoBe 20 oz., Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce, Healthy Choice 15 oz. Soup. This is a 10 for 10 week. There are some on every aisle of the store!

Albertsons canned vegetables.69 a can
Alb. Apple Cider 64 oz. 1.99
50% off Halloween or Harvest candles

free Milk up to 4.00 when you buy any 4 participating GM cereals in one transaction.
Free Post Vanilla Almond Shredded Wheat when you buy any 4 Post cereals in one transaction.


They are still having their buy one get one free deals this week.

Natural Boneless skinless chicken tenders 1.88 lb.

Hass Avocados 3 FOR 1.00
Walnuts 2.99 shelled in bulk stock up for holiday Baking!

Secret Splurge of the week is: chocolate covered pretzels 3.99 lb in bulk


top sirloin steak 2.47 lb.
boneless skinless chicken 1.97 lb
Alaskan Sockeye Salmon 6.99 lb

red seedless grapes .77 lb

Almost all produce is 10 for 10. Mix and match. Fresh Express Salads, pears, apples, baby carrots 1 lb., yellow onions, squash, red onions, Del Monte ruit Naturals.

john Morell Sausages 12 oz. .99 each
Johnsonville Brats 19.76 oz. 2.99 ea.
Kraft Singles 10 to 12 oz. 2 for 4.00
Hormel Black Label sliced Bacon buy one get one free 12 to 16 oz. 6.29 for 2
80% lean gr. beef 2.47 lb
Tilapia 3.99 lb

Halloween pumpkins, pineapples, mini seedless watermelons buy one get one free
Bosc pears and yellow or white onions 3 lbs. for 1.00

Green Giant canned vegetables .75 a can

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