Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekly Specials for November 11 to 18

Here's a great freebie! The Container Store in Fashion Valley Mall is offering free gift wrap and bow demonstrations every Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm and 3 pm thru December 20! They will also give away a $25 gift card at each demo. Don't miss this one! The Container Store also has great ideas for stocking stuffers. Can you tell I love this store??

With Thanksgiving right around the corner you will start seeing sales on Turkeys, hams, stuffing mixes and cranberry sauce. And don't forget all the baking items will still be on sale too.


This week only! Buy one get one free Butterball turkeys! Pay for Thanksgiving turkey and get another free! with $25 min. purchase

Or with in ad coupon for $10 off buy a Village Market whole turkey for cheap! If you buy a 14 lb turkey with coupon the cost is only .28 a lb! .99 without coupon.
If you can't eat a whole turkey they have whole turkey breast for 1.99 lb. in fresh meat dept. But it is a much better deal to get a whole turkey and freeze what you can't eat into meal size portions.
Salmon 6.99 lb
Cod 4.99 lb

Sara Lee pie 37 oz. and Breyers Ice Cream 1.5 qt. 2.99 for both, when you buy them at the same time.
Pillsbury is all on sale
Pillsbury flour 5 lbs 1.99
cake mixes 1.00
Frosting 1.50 a can

10 for 10's 12 ct. candy canes, 2 ltr. 7-up, Alb 16 oz frozen veggies, Rice or Pasta Roni, Carnation 12 oz. evap milk,(This is a great food storgae item! I use it for hot chocolate, fudge, cream soups, mashed potatoes and much more!),Alb stuffing mix,Palmolive dish detergent 13 oz, Homelife Alum foil 25 ft.


Fresh Pick of the Week 1.88 each strawberries 1 lb, pineapple whole, raspberries 6 oz.
yellow onions, russet potatoes or Bosc pears 3 lbs for 1.00
apples .88 lb
mangoes, eggplant or bunch spinach .88 ea.

boneless skinless chicken tenders 1.88 lb
boneless pork chops 1.99 lb

organic apple juice 5.99 glass gallon jar

Secret splurge of the week Peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets 2.99 lb in bulk section.

FYI Henrys has it's own feed the hungry program. You can buy a prepackaged bag of non perishable food at the store. When you buy it you will be given a %10 discount and the bag will be sent to local food banks in our area.


Free delivery and free turkey on your first Vons.com order. Maybe worth a try. My daughter in law uses this a lot. With 6 kids and working full time she needs to save time where ever she can!

Safeway turkeys up tp 16 lb. 5.00 with $25 min. purchase limit one.
80% lean gr. beef 2.49 lb
FFarms whole chickens .99 lb
Hillshire Farms Lil Smokies 14 to 16 oz. 3.00 ea.
Safeway chicken leg quarters .99 lb.

Ball Park Franks or Hillshire smoked sausage 14 to 16 oz. 1.99 ea.
bartlett pears .38 lb. anyone want to can pears??
Safeway hot dog buns .69 8 ct.

GGiant canned veggies .49 11 to 15 oz sizes
Safeway cranberry sauce 1.00
Lucerne butter 1.99 lb limit one.

Classico Pasta Sauce 2.50 15 to 24 oz. size
Gerber Graduates 2 pk. 3.5 or 6 oz size 10 for 9.00
Safeway chunk light tuna 5 oz. .79 a can

mangoes .98 ea.
papayas 2.00 ea.
Kiwi 3 for 1.00

Now is the time to start growing amaryllis or narcissis for blooming at Christmastime.
Potting kits 5.00 each. Use a kit; you can't fail!

Dairy Glen 4 qt. ice cream 4.99 ea.

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